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30 Minutes Flight Experience

Enjoy an individual Flight Experience under the guidance of a real pilot. Choose one of more than 24.000 airports from all over the world! The Sky is the limit!

Price: £ 109


60 Minutes Flight Experience

Treat yourself to some true holiday feelings. Take off from Heathrow to climb up to cruising altitude. After this we position the aircraft close to your favourite holiday resort. The Sky is the limit!

Price: £ 209


90 Minutes Flight Experience

The ultimate treat to experience a take off and landing at the most favourite Airports in the world, An Experience you will never forget.

Price: £ 309


Fear of Flying Programme

If you suffer from fear of flying and the pure thought of boarding a plane makes you uncomfortable, then this is the programme for you.!

Price: £ 309


Night Flights

Planes don’t sleep at night! So why should you?
Experience our night flight sessions!
60 Minute Night Flights: 10 pm – 8 am

Price per Person: £ 89

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tel: 020 3695 0968

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Christian HLondon63000
Paul BLondon67000
Miguel M.London78000
Christian TLondon68500
Robin MLondon78000
Stuart HLondon94200
Krimo HLondon87400
Jason RLondon84300
Harry HLondon94900
Camilo CLondon99300
David WrightLondon88500
Jacob lLondon98000
Seamus MLondon98000
Krimo HLondon87400
John WLondon98000
Lee ConnelyLondon90500
Ian GibbsLondon86500
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Paul LLondon89000
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Darren K.London79500
George SLondon100000
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Graham WLondon78000
Christine MacallanLondon77000
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Gabriel MunizLondon100000
Kevin BradyLondon92500
Harem AbbasLondon94500
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Tony 7London79400
George HLondon99700
John DanielsLondon85300
Dave DanielLondon86500
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The staff were fantastic, the instructors are excellent.


Cant wait to come back!!

George, LONDON

Very enjoyable experience.


Incredible lession, great flight, excellent airports choices!! Thank you!

Samuel, LONDON



Photographs of our flight simulators, crew and guests.



London Westfield